First National Bank has completed the construction of its ground breaking regional head offices based in Melyn, Pretoria. The commercial construction project cost a staggering R355 million and will house the various FNB and Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) divisions presently dispersed around the city. The building is owned by both FNB and Growthpoint under the same sectional title scheme.

FNB will occupy the 15 080 metre square office block where its sectional title partner Growthpoint will move into a 9 880 metre square office space. Both respective buildings boast a super basement parking comprising four levels. The general building consists of a ground level and 5 level office space which can carry 840 people.

FNB’s commercial property in Pretoria exceeded the criteria for office space construction, boasting raised access floors for flexible voice, data, power reticulations as well as power back-ups for emergencies.

In keeping with environmental “green” standards for commercial property; air-conditioning and lighting installations have been implemented. The new headquarters satisfyingly adhere to recognised standards for environmental and safety operational criteria – incorporating global practices such as water reutilisation and energy efficiency.

This record breaking commercial property is a further investment to the city of Tshwane; an economic enhancement that in its own right establishes the metropolitan district as a commercial node rivalling those thriving elsewhere in the country.

Tshwane recently enjoyed a revamped airport, a six lane road system between Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as a landmark in the Gautrain infrastructure. Tshwane’s developments secure a healthy flow of investment both domestically and internationally in the tourism, construction and commerce sectors.

FNB’s Pretoria headquarters are greatly contributing to job creation. Both in the sense of the construction works carried out and the support of maintenance staff that will be required and commissioned for the office block’s upkeep.

Boogertman & Partners provided the architectural design of this A-prime commercial property development with Steffanuti Stocks being credited as a principal contractor. Operations will commence from as early as February 2012 which is when the staff are expected to occupy the premises.

There are talks of a colossal commercial structure taking shape in Pretoria. With office space of 4136 metre square proportions and this is only phase 1 of four phases plan scheduled to be complete in the year 2013.

This gradual sprawling mega-structure is coined The Club and will soon be home to trendy restaurants such as Cafe 84. Made available for commercial leasing and renting, think of it as a retail Mecca.

Enjoying a significant setting which is effortlessly accessible to Waterklooof and Brooklyn suburbs, this multi-purposed building is capturing the imagination of “would-be” property investors, businesses – both large and small – as well as prospective employees. This 3 floor building is already anticipated to be one of the most ideal office spaces to work in, by many Pretoria property pundits.

As you are reading this, phase one is operating and has been well underway since August 2011. Phase two of this property to rent in Pretoria is currently in progress and also bears mixed-use qualities; conducive for corporate tenanting, and open plan in-door outdoor restaurants. With regards to phase three however, consisting of a full refurbishment of the existing building. An extra floor will be added to the building with open atriums created to admit natural light from the outside. If all goes according to schedule, this phase could be fully operational and occupied by as early as March 2012.

Phase four will see the entire shopping precinct being redeveloped to accommodate high-end retail stores. This latter project will span 400 meter squares; it will also be the location of a premier food anchor in addition to being dubbed the fashion quarters of the complex.



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