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February 25th, 2013 | Posted by Jade Paviour-Williams in Commercial Property

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Most people spend most of their day in an office, so it helps to not sit in a warehouse-like setup with the cold glare of buzzing fluorescents backlighting their computer screens for eight painful hours a day. Whether your office is in a Jacaranda-lined suburb in Pretoria or on a spacious Welgemoed property, your employees deserve to have their work space jazzed up so that they feel more inspired and happy while they work.

Here are some easy ways to liven up an everyday office:

1. Paint in colour!
Painting the walls of an office can completely change the vibe. Even if you don’t want to be too extreme, simply painting one wall can bring the office to life. Employees may even change their cubicle décor to suit the new office colour.

2. Install a suggestion-whiteboard
The beauty of a whiteboard is that it can be used, changed, and used again. Allow employees to make lists, take meeting notes, or simply write inspirational quotes on the whiteboard. Make it their creative space – this will get everyone contributing to the ideas board, which may even inspire the boss!

3. Get a coffee maker
If you’re the boss that everyone loves to hate, turn that all around with a coffee maker. Employees will forget that you made them work late or that performance reviews feel like purgatory – as long as they have the bitter injection of a regular latte, they’ll forgive you. Include a vending machine and you’ll almost certainly be given a “BEST BOSS EVER” mug as a joint gift from all of them.

4. Put up personal artwork
This is a great idea if you work in a creative environment. Very often, employees’ personal creativity gets side-lined in favour of clients’ creative briefs. Suggest that each office creative bring a personal artwork to the office to hang on the walls. Not only will this change the dynamic of the office, but the personalisation will make employees feel like their creativity matters.

How have you livened up your office space? Comment below and give other employers some great ideas!

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